The fame of food in Italy

Food in Italy represents a sector that for us Italians is synonymous with guarantee, safety, and quality. Without a doubt, Italy is the country with the best and most varied cuisine on the planet. Italy is considered by many to be the home of good food and dishes that manage to blend intense flavors with the benefits of healthy and quality ingredients. The famous Mediterranean diet finds its highest expression just right in this country.
TV programs and events dedicated to Italian cuisine attract the attention of millions of people every year, allowing a continuous stimulus to a sector that is very important for the economy of our country.

Foodietaly, a blog about food in Italy

Our cuisine is loved all over the world. However, not everyone has the luck and pleasure of coming to Italy. The most common products such as pizza, pasta, and some types of wine can reach foreign tables without major problems and with good results. Other dishes instead often remain unknown.
Here comes the hard work of bloggers. Many web sites offer a complete guide for those who want to learn about Italy food culture. Web pages dedicated to Italian cuisine, with historical notes on products, recipes, and the best places to taste them all over the world. There are hundreds of them, from those managed by the big companies in the sector to the blogs of young novice chefs.
The purpose of Foodietaly is to make made in Italy food known in the world. To put large and small producers, chefs, and restaurateurs in contact with other realities.

Food in Italy: the secrets of this tradition

What makes a recipe or a particular food “traditional”? Be unchanged in the recipe for at least 25 years. And how many products in Italy can bear this title? Currently 5,047. Tradition is part of Italy food culture and the richest Italian regions in food tradition are Campania, Tuscany, and Lazio.
On Foodietaly you’ll find the site lists dishes and typical products that are not always known, with a detailed description and some historical notes. Discover the section dedicated to the recipes of numerous Italian dishes and the news regarding the chefs around the world and other curiosities.

What is the food tradition in Italy based on?

At the top stand out fresh pasta, bread, desserts, fruit, and vegetables:

  • fresh pasta, bread, and sweets recorded as traditional went from 573 products in 2000 to 1,521 in 2017, recording an increase of 165%;
  • fruit and vegetables went from 577 products to 1,424 (+148%);
  • fresh and processed meats produced according to traditional rules went from 444 types in 2000 to 791 in 2017 (+ 78%);
  • cheeses from 375 to 497 (+ 33%);
  • other products of animal origin (honey, etc.) went from 63 to 167 (+ 165%).
  • preparations of fish, mollusks, and crustaceans from 51 to 159 (as much as 212% more!);
  • drinks, spirits, and beers went from 68 to 149 products (+ 119%).

To these are added 254 composite dishes or gastronomy products, a category not considered in the previous censuses.

Italian cuisine: national pride in the world

This vast production of traditional food specialties is a common good for the entire community and cultural heritage that our country can now proudly offer to Italian and foreign tourists. This primacy is added to that of the DOP., and IGP products, which in Italy have reached the quota of 292, together with the Italian DOCG, DOC and IGT wines, which are 523.
The phenomenon of falsification of made in Italy agri-food products exported around the world exists and is also very impressive. The first reason is that many people around the world buy made in Italy. According to a study, in fact, there are over 1.2 billion people in the world who buy at least one Italian agri-food product a year. The enormous demand for the authentic made in Italy product is difficult to satisfy, especially in the case of particular products.

The complete list of the most famous food in Italy
What are the typical Italian dishes best known by the millions of visitors who come to our country every year? In Italy food culture, the most famous are:

  • pizza,
  • baked lasagna,
  • spaghetti alla carbonara,
  • pesto sauce,
  • ravioli, tortellini and agnolotti,
  • focaccia,
  • risotto,
  • polenta,
  • minestrone,
  • fiorentina,
  • mixed fried,
  • white truffle,
  • anchovy (or alice),
  • stockfish and cod,
  • tiramisu.

Follow Foodietaly’s articles to find out more about all these!

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