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This name comes from “foodie” and “Italy”. Foodietaly is a blog about the best traditional Italian food. Not only the real recipes to prepare Italian food at home but also:

  • good tips about the best restaurants where to eat traditional Italian cuisine,
  • food insights and interviews with the most famous Italian cooks,
  • origin, story and features of the ancient Italian foodstuffs.

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Interviews, stories, insights and recipes to discover all about food in Italy

Tips & Tricks about food in Italy

famous Italian cooks

Chefs, restaurants, bistro, cocktail bars: if you are Italian and you live abroad, bringing Italian gastronomy all around the world with your job, tell me your story! We could make a podcast for you on


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cooking housewife

If you are and Italian housewife living abroad and you can cook very well traditional Italian dishes, let me know your best recipes! We can make a post on for you.


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Are you curious to know the story and origin of a traditional Italian food and you still couldn’t find it on my website? I’ll make researches for you!


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true bolognese ragu

Bolognese ragu

The complete recipe here

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