Italian restaurants you should discover

The world is full of Italian restaurants! Foreigners appreciate Mediterranean cuisine very much and for this reason, many chefs try to imitate it in their restaurants around the world. Even many Italian entrepreneurs and chefs have chosen to bring the culinary tradition of their country of origin abroad. If you go to taste the dishes on the menus of an Italian pizzeria or drink an espresso at an Italian coffee bar run by an Italian abroad, you can count on a product more similar to what you find in Italy.


A guide to the best Italian restaurants

In my articles and in the podcasts of Foodietaly’s Anchor channel you’ll find many suggestions on the best Italian restaurants abroad. I will explain to you what are the main dishes you can find – and you should taste – in a typical Italian food menu. If you are planning to travel, I will teach you how to order food in Italian or how to order one of the many types of espresso they make in Italian coffee bars. Don’t miss my advice on places to visit in the main Italian towns and also in the main towns of the United States. Are you looking for an Italian pizzeria in Los Angeles? Read my top 5 to make no mistake. New York, Miami, and many more are included in the list.


Italian restaurants: not only pizza & pasta

Very often when one thinks of Italian cuisine and restaurateurs, the same typical dishes always come to mind. Pasta, pizza, ice cream, coffee, etc. In reality, Italian cuisine includes much more. In my articles, I also want to talk about restaurants specialized in the typical dishes of each Italian region. Not only that: I will also tell you the story of successful Italian entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who have opened restaurants abroad, focusing on other foods such as vegan foods, special meat dishes, hamburgers, and much more.