A taste of Italian recipes

Even if Italian recipes are famous and imitated all over the world, it happens that foreign people believe some dishes often prepared in a different manner abroad are really Italian. Also, many think that some changed versions of the real Italian food recipes are the original ones. Since I’m proudly Italian, I want to give the chance to foodie people who love our food to find out all about the true Italian dishes and to discover a taste of Italy recipes.Knowing some of the best traditional recipes from each Italian region will allow you to travel with your thoughts and explore the flavors of our land.

Find out traditional Italian recipes

Italy’s cuisine is known across the world but most people don’t know the typical regional Italian food recipes. The regional food traditions have developed through centuries of political and social changes. The varying geographical conditions of the country, together with the strength of local traditions, afford a wide range of dishes. Pizza and spaghetti are famous all over the world but there’s much more to discover! The recipes of appetizers, first courses, main courses, and desserts of Mediterranean cuisine express the different regional products. They make Italian cuisine a treasure rich in dishes linked to history and festivities. Everything starts from the availability of the ingredients and also from the ancient traditions of the territory but of course, now we can find some famous preparations on all Italian tables. Although Italy’s chefs like very much to experiment, at times nothing but the classics will do!

Authentic Italian food: how to enjoy a taste of Italy recipes

Let’s make a tour of regional favourites to enjoy the spirit of Italy in our kitchen. The collection of best and authentic Italian food recipes you’ll find on Foodietaly.com is full of popular dishes, packed with bountiful and bold flavor.

From Piedmont’s recipes to those of Apulia tradition, our national gastronomy is characterized of dishes with unique taste. We have a plethora of popular repipes here, from the easy Tiramisu cake to the authentic Bolognese ragù sauce. Some examples of the best Italian food products are:

  • pasta e fagioli,

  • minestrone,

  • bagna càuda,

  • stracciatella,

  • fonduta,

  • pesto,

  • pane,

  • cornetto,

  • pandoro,

  • pane carasau,

  • taralli,

  • gnocchi,

  • lasagna,

  • ravioli,

  • arancine,

  • abbacchio alla cacciatora,

  • bistecca fiorentina.

If you want to finally try to prepare real Italian dishes at home, be wary of imitations and read the articles on our blog.